Hyperpolyglotic Gmail – Now in 41 Languages!

According to wikipedia the term hyperpolyglot means a person one who can speak six or more languages fluently! And also according to it Ziad Fazah is reputed to be the world’s most accomplished hyperpolyglot. It is said that he speaks, reads and understands 58 languages!

Guess whos the next in race???

Thats our beloved Gmail with now available in 41 languages! Gmails official blog says,

If you’re multilingual, feeling adventurous, or if you just want to test how well you know the Gmail user interface, try changing your account language settings. Sound a little risky? Don’t worry – it’s easy. You can change the language through the Settings menu. Get a taste of what hyperpolyglotic…

Let us know how many of these language UIs do you recognize?