Keeping in touch with Devils’ Workshop

A quick update on how to easily subscribe to Devils' Workshop feeds on Google Reader alternatives like Feedly, Newsblur and The Old Reader.

Since Google has announced the closure of Google Reader, there has been a countdown to the the 1st July date. With 5 days to go, you can look up some of the alternatives to Google Reader we have reviewed here.

If you are this post on Google Reader, you can then subscribe to our RSS Feeds on published on Devils’ Workshop. You can directly subscribe using Feedly, Newsblur and The Old Reader.

There are some other alternatives like AOL Reader (review) but at the moment they are still heavily in beta and web only versions are available. You can still use our RSS Feed link to subscribe on any Feed Reader of your choice.

Check our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ updates if you want to stay in touch using social media platforms.

You can also subscribe to ourĀ email newsletter.

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