[List] 5 Best Sites for Hosting Code Online

There are many websites which give you the platform for hosting your project codes online. I thought it would be nice to share a list with you.

#1. GoogleCode

The best place to keep your code is to put on the most trusted internet brand. Google Code not only hosts your code source but also provides various resources to you. Here you can find API and toolkits for various streams including the open source programs. It has a feature called code playground where, live online coding can be done and output can be seen. Google code is good platform for developers and for project hosting.

#2. Sourceforge

An open source code hosting site, here you can easily upload your code and downloads other code of your interest. The most popular code hosting site has suffered from many problem too. It is good site for getting open source software code. There is a high number of downloads of code through it daily.

#3. Codeplex

The codeplex is hosted by Microsoft but is not under it control. This is also a legitimate site for hosting your code. It is best when came for the .net projects. You can create, search,modify,download and uploads various projects here  with simplicity.  It too is an open source web host. The rawr is one of it best feature.

#4. Github

The Github provides the option of hosting the code as public or private. They took $7 per month for the private hosting. It supports for the multiple team management make it more versatile. Here you will able to plan your code and price it as well.

#5. Launchpad

The Launchpad is developed and maintained by the same company which supports Ubuntu  Canonical Ltd. This as is open source and code hosting is done by so-called Bazaar. Answer tracking  and mailing list helps the member interaction. It too supports for the translation as well.

Try out these sites which host code and do drop in your comments if you have more services to add to the list. 🙂

One Comment

Mukul singh June 26, 2011

You should have ellobrated little about these sites.
I think if comaparing all mentioned above,google code is more worthy as it as many xtra features which other lack….. And more it is from google so it best!