Reeder App for iPad and Mac is Free for Limited time

Reeder app for Mac and iPad are now free until a new upgrade for version 2.0 will be rolled out. The Reeder app for iPhone remain a paid app.

If you own a Macbook or iPad from Apple, chances are you might be using a popular feed reader app called Reeder. The Reeder app was available for the price of $4.99 previously but now has dropped the price to ‘zero’. So now Reeder is available free for iPad and Mac users. The iPhone users are not so lucky, the app remain a paid one for the phone.

The app will probably not remain free for a long time. It will remain free until Reeder releases a version 2.0 for iPad and Mac users.The new version will also be a time when it moves away from its dependence on Google Reader.

Reeder - Mac

Reeder’s move away from Google Reader

  • Though Reeder app has a healthy community, its future is a bit unclear. This is because it was totally dependent on Google Reader. But Reeder insists they will continue beyond 1st July, 2013 the date when Google Reader goes offline.
  • Reeder will be also experimenting with a standalone local RSS Feed reader.
  • The iPhone app will also integrate with FeedBin a RSS feed reader which is a paid service.

So if you own a Mac and/or an iPad, then it will be a good idea to check out Reeder app. You can also look up other Google Reader alternatives.

(via Reeder)