Mark Zuckerberg is TIME’s 2010 Person of the Year

Mark Zuckerberg is declared as the person of the year 2010 by TIME. I think he needs much appreciation, it is so easy to share and communicate with anybody in this world!

Yes, it is right. Mark Zuckerberg is named as the person of the year 2010 by TIMES. There are talks for and against it.

Being 26 years old and owning a company that has more than 500 million users is not a small thing. Is it? Recently Facebook Inc. was declared as the best place to work by . With the smallest change like changing the sound of Facebook chat to making a change in the Facebook profile, everything has been hugely covered on news, blogs and everywhere.

TIME-Person of the year Mark Zuckerberg


His way of seeing the World as a big open platform to share news, photos, updates etc is coming true. Recently a Facebook engineer made a map of Facebook Friendships around the world. People are using Facebook to share their emotions, feelings or almost everything! I think he gave us a platform to make sharing a hell lot of easier.

There are privacy issues at times, people are skeptical about their privacy like who will read what, but I guess  this is the main thing about Facebook. Dont you think so? To make the world an open place to be. In short I don’t think Facebook is for people who don’t want to share things. You can hide a number of things if you wish to. That much freedom is given ! 🙂 But why cry for privacy every moment?

Well, I am happy with it, I think he deserves it. What do you think? Feel free to share your views through the comments below.