Microsoft Launches Surface Tablet for Windows 8

Microsoft has entered the tablet wars, not with just a operating system that could run on tablets but unveiling its own range of tablets. The tablets are named as ‘Surface’.

Yesterday, it released details of two tablets Surface Tablet for Windows 8 Pro and Surface Tablet for Windows RT.

Details of Surface Tablet With Windows 8 Pro

  • The tablet will run on Windows 8 Pro.
  • The screen size is 10.6-inch with the resolution support for 1920 X 1080-pixel LCD.
  • The tablet will support USB 3.0, mini DisplayPort.
  • The storage on the tablet will be upto 64GB and 128GB.

Details of Surface Tablet with Windows RT

  • The tablet will run on Windows RT.
  • The weight of the tablet is only 676 grams. The screen size is 10.6 inch ClearType HD Display.
  • The tablet will support USB 2.0 (which disappoints), Micro HD Viceo and a 2X2 MIMO antennae.
  • The storage will be configurable from 32GB to 64GB.

Both tablets versions include a keyboard which is made from a fabric like material. It also has a built in kick-stand which allows the tablet to be propped up on a table, just like a laptop screen.



Microsoft is expected to push through Windows 8 along with many manufacturers on PCs, Mobiles and Tablets. But with Surface, it might alienate some manufacturers.

Microsoft probably took the help of Nokia to create this tablet though it is unclear at the moment. What Microsoft has done with Surface tablets, is that they have created a standard for what Microsoft envisions of other manufacturers when they roll out their Windows 8 tablets.

What are your views on Microsoft launching its own tablet devices?

Link: Microsoft’s Surface Tablets