Microsoft’s Courier Tablet

Well the battle between Microsoft and Apple has be renewed. 🙂

First there is Zune HD vs Apple iPod battle and now there has been a tremendous buzz around about a new Apple Tablet for a while. But Microsoft has decided it will roll out its own version of a Tablet Product nicknamed Courier and release it around the same time Apple Tablet is rolled out. 😉


Some of the features Courier will have?

  1. Dual 7 inch screens which are held together by a hinge.
  2. The Tablet will support drawing, flicking and writing with a stylus and finger touch.
  3. The camera is at the back of one of the screens.
  4. The Courier allows information to be moved from one screen to another.
  5. It will support wireless internet connectivity.

It is still early days and only Gizmodo has released the first bits of information of the Courier. It looks quite handy and cutting edge. But still have to see more details in the future whenever Microsoft decides to share more to determine if it will stand up to Apple and its handsome designs.

The product seems to be quite complex and stylish, which is exactly opposite of Apple’s signature style of keeping things simple and easy to use.

But who knows ? Microsoft might come up with a winner product this time round.

Image Credits: Gizmodo


Jason Bean September 25, 2009

This is a great looking device. I think if they incorporated an eBook reader like the Kindle it would absolutely push the “book” feel over the edge.

Aditya Kane September 25, 2009

@Jason: Yeah, the book feel will be really important for this device if they have to make it a really cool device to have in a class room. 🙂