[Mobile] Nokia e7 coming to India in March 2011!

It is a known fact that Nokia’s sales are dwindling due to increased presence of Android, but that does not at all mean Nokia doing any compromise with it’s quality it is known for. With the latest Nokia e7 already launched in selected European countries, is soon going to mark its presence in the Indian market too.

DW e7_1

Nokia e7 boasts of Nokia’s top-notch quality and improved functionalities.

Nokia e7 Specifications

  • Screen size: 4”
  • Full-QWERTY Keyboard
  • Resolution: 16:9 nHD AMOLED and 16 million colours (that is Awesome 🙂  )
  • Capacitive touch screen (just like Apple iPhone)
  • All connectivity features including WLAN, HSDPA Cat9 (upto 10.2 Mbps) and HSUPA Cat5 (upto 2 Mbps)
  • 8 Mega-pixel camera with dual LED Flash. A 3 MP front camera also.
  • 16 GB Internal memory.
  • Read all the features here.

DW e7_2

Watch the video below which inspires the making of Nokia e7:

a Video of Nokia e7

Just watch all the videos of the phone I have included here and you will find it amazing. Few sources claim the launch price of the phone to be around Rs. 26000. However that is a matter of speculation. Do leave your comments here and let me know what all kind of gadgets you are interested in.

Official Source: Nokia e7

11 replies on “[Mobile] Nokia e7 coming to India in March 2011!”

  1. I agree Ankit, nokia wont compromise but I really wonder when people are so into Android why will they choose Symbian again ? 🙂 They get HTc Desire in less then that, well I wonder Nokia lovers like me will only go for such costly thing n no Android 😛

    1. True Himadri, even I am an true Nokia lover, and I would probably go for this new mobile instead of Galaxy or any other Android phones!
      I am sure Nokia will come up this problem of platform as they have always done so in the past! 🙂

  2. When is the actual date of nokia E7 Launch?
    I am not a Nokia Lover but very much fascinated with the looks & overall Hardware & software part (Lookwise I like it more)…
    very much eager to hold this in my hand as waiting since last 4 months… 🙁

    1. There is no official date announced by the company yet. The estimated time frame is an information based on internal sources. Yes, the phone looks awesome and even I would be glad if I get to buy it 🙂

  3. Hi there… Kindly make a change in the post.The memory mentioned 160 GB is wrong please make it 16 GB.THANKS

  4. i m in the love with the looks too.:) even i m waitin since december.. pls lemme noe the actual launch date..:) wat will b the exact price for this smart phone?

    1. It is already launched in February 2011 as per various sources. The exact price in India should be around 27000 to 30000 depending on taxes and Octroi. Please check out with your local Nokia dealer.

  5. since two months i am searching about the launching of nokia e7 in india cause am a nokia lover as i am using nokia n-97 and nokia n8 am waiting eagerly for nokia e7 let me conform about the actual date of availability in indian market

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