Office 2010 – The Trailer

office2010You haven’t read it wrong. The guys at Redmond have released a mind-blowing, special-effects filled video trailer of their newest Office offering, the Office 2010. The Microsoft officials have already confirmed that Office 2010 will be released by the first quarter of 2010.

What is great to see is that Microsoft is getting many things right this time with the success of Bing, then the approval it got from the public on its next OS, Windows se7en and now this video.

Of course, the main thing that remains to be seen is the actual product!

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Dnyanesh July 13, 2009

This article should have been published 2-3 months ago. Is number of the DW’s quality posts decreasing?

Harsh Agrawal July 14, 2009

It’s never too late to cover any good topic..
@Richie Video looks impressive..

Richie S July 14, 2009

Accepted that the video is not a new one. However I know, many of my friends haven’t seen this. So I thought why not share it with everybody on DW. Its not that its quality is decreasing or something.

@Harsh Agrawal
Thank the Microsoft Office team. 🙂

Deepak Jain July 15, 2009

Sorry for disappointing you.
But I think, unlike you, all of our reader must not be aware about this video. So it will be a post useful for such readers! 😉