Orkut’s New & Clean Album Page Design

Just noticed some minor but nice changes on Orkut album pages. Looks like Orkut team really got a creative mind on board as few days back they nicely enhanced birthday reminder section on homepage.

Earlier album listing and individiual photo listing in album had same user interface, with 4 rows and 3 columns. It used to create little confusion about thumbnail you are viewing as it could be photo inside album or album cover itself.

Now albums are given more weight and details as they always deserved and result in next to you… 🙂

I guess Orkut can still make use of free space, next to thumbnail on right-side, to give more details about albums. Like total number of comments, or list of people tagged in current album.


Abhishek October 8, 2008

yes i checked that after reading your post. Clean one looks better.

Praveen October 8, 2008

After you posted only I went and saw the change. I din’t know! Anyway, somehow I feel the previous layout made better use of space! We have to scroll down to see old albums! 🙁

Pratik October 9, 2008

it was there yest…but its not there now…i checked many profiles, its not there

Sauravjit Singh October 9, 2008

can`t find it anywhere in my profile 🙁

Deepak October 10, 2008

@Sauravjit Singh
Guess orkut is doing that phase wise..
Even I found this new feature only in some profiles 🙁

Sauravjit Singh October 10, 2008


finally it`s in my profile 🙂

Deepak October 10, 2008

@Sauravjit Singh
hmmm… Good.. Guess you are damn happy 😛

Sauravjit Singh October 10, 2008

yes I`m lol
cuz every time except this bug,they used to upgrade my profile first

Rahul Bansal October 10, 2008

Even I am surprised to see this so early in my account this time.
Usually I am the last one to get updates! 🙁

deepak October 12, 2008

@Rahul Bansal
Lolz… Orkut guys must be giving preference to Orkut addicted profiles… 😛 and I guess you are not among that 😉