Photo Tagging made Easy on Facebook

Facebook has made photo tagging now easier than before and they are using Face recognition effectively. :)

One thing we all love to do on Facebook is tag the photos. This is the nice thing about it, you click photo, upload it on Facebook and tag it. 🙂

Well now, Facebook has made it simpler by introducing tag suggestions. Earlier we had to go through all the photos and tag them separately but now its all at once. It will bring all photos that are similar together and you can easily tag them up in lesser time. 🙂

Face Recognition and tagging on Facebook


Facebook will be using Face recognition in a better way. This feature will be rolled out in US for now and will be made available for other users worldwide very soon. Did you like this feature? Drop in your comments below. If you want us to write about something specific mail your tips at tips[at]


Mukul December 17, 2010

Yes I liked this new feature but it only captures clear faces 🙁

Himadri Dimri December 17, 2010

Oh.. yes never mind you get good camera’s for clear images right! 😀