Preview Websites on Smart Phones using Mobilizer

mobilizer 1 Mobile internet usage has increased drastically after the introduction of smart phones and that’s why website owners take extra care by modifying their site specially for mobiles.

But how does your website look in their mobile? Enter Mobilizer, an Adobe air app which can preview any website in various smart phones including iPhone, Blackberry, HTC and Palm Pre.

Features of Mobilizer

  1. Preview any website on various smart phones simultaneously.
  2. Right click and select Export PNG to get the image of the mobile (including the site you’re browsing).
  3. Apart from previewing websites, it can also preview image, HTML and flash files, drag the file into the mobile to preview it.

Tip: If you want to preview different websites in different smart phones at once, then right click on a smart phone a untick Synchronized.

Mobilizer in Action

Mobilizer – Preview tool for mobile development from Springbox on Vimeo.

The app requires Adobe Air, works flawlessly on Windows and Mac. Try out Mobilizer and provide the feedback through comments.

Link: Mobilizer


Karthik Prabhu July 2, 2011

Thanks Vibin. This is a perfect tool for a web developer. With the increase in mobile internet usage, it is very necessary for a web developer to optimize the sites for mobile phones as well. The best way to optimize a site for a mobile phone, is to keep the site as lite as possible and free of flash content.

Hub Geek July 5, 2011

Thanks for the tool.. This is really important to test the website for mobile interface