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Google eBookstore has marked a golden point in the history of Internet. Popularly known to be as ‘Google eBooks’, the company is offering its huge database of more than 15 million books from 35,000+ publishers, 40+ libraries in more than 400 languages from about 100 countries. If you are a publisher too, here is your chance to get started and show your work to the world, free of cost.

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Google is believed to pose a major competition to Amazon with its launch of eBooks. At present, eBookstore is only available for users in the US, however other users can access and read all the available FREE titles spread in a total of 20 categories including Fantasy, Thrillers and Romance, but they cannot purchase any titles.

If you are a publisher and want the world to see your books and also purchase the digital copy (only for US customers for now) can sign up and submit their titles for Free. It doesn’t matter if you are a big publisher or a small one, signing up to Google can:

  • Help promote your book for free, worldwide
  • Let you directly reach Google’s users directly
  • Keep your content absolutely protected
  • Track everything about your sales including clicks, impressions etc.

Google will scan a copy of your entire book though it will never publish the complete digital copy online. The reasons it will take a complete scan so that people can search for the available content easily and for those who want to purchase a copy online. Rest stay assured as all the content of your book is hosted on Google’s most secure servers.

Its easy to Sign up as a Publisher!

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