Report To Facebook When a Person is Dead

You all might have aware of the recent dubai-manglore flight tragedy which took off more than 160 lives. In that 160 people, I know Facebook and twitter profiles of the two people who died in the tragedy. When media and other websites published their Facebook profile link, people flood their comments on their Facebook wall etc.

So, the question is How to reduce the unfair and unwanted comments in the deceased users Facebook profile ? and also I find other social networks find it difficult to tackle such issues. It is better to report Facebook and they make the profile to set some privacy etc.

Facebook has put some effort by having a separate page for reporting a deceased users profile page. I’m not sure how many knew that Facebook has introduced such kind of things. But anyway, I wanted to share with you all.

So, you can use the link to report to Facebook, if you find some one has died and if you want to memorialize or remove the person’s account.

Report a Deceased Person’s Profile – Facebook Link


Pulkit Kausihik June 18, 2010

Anybody can do it for any profile? Can’t this feature be exploited?

Hi October 21, 2010

Technically yes, but if they do, the the person they reported as dead wont be able to log in…

daniel May 7, 2012

hi my sister died a 3 weeks ago in a car accident and i want to memorialize her facebook account.i completed the form exccept for the WEB ADRESS URL OF THE ACCOUNT YOU WANT TO DISABLE but i have no idea what to write in that particular section.please help.thank you

Steve Sturgis May 23, 2012

To Daniel:
If you go to your sisters page while you are logged in, the URL (web address starting with https://) for your sister’s page will be in the address bar. Facebook made a provision that some users took advantage of and allowed them a user-friendly URL, e.g.
If your sister did not do that, then the URL will be something less intuitive.
I am sorry about your sister and hope this helps,