Rumor that “Google Me” will be competitor to Facebook!

A simple tweet by Digg CEO Kevin Rose that Google was working on “Google Me” a new social network to rival Facebook has set all the theorists to go on overdrive wondering about what Google was planning to do with a new social network. Only a couple of days I wrote about 5 things Google might have got wrong and one of them I included in the post was Orkut. From some comments it seems Orkut is still very much loved by our readers but the point I was making there is Google has little or so social presence even with Orkut.

Former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo also confirmed that Google was working on a Social Networking website which was to compete with Facebook.

This would set the cat amongst the pigeons as Facebook and Google rule very different parts of the internet and even thought Facebook is a behemoth when it comes to Social networking it is still not a very profitable company and this is what gives Google the opportunity to build a social networking website ground up rather than just come up with something new but not so useful vis a vis Google Buzz.

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There are some obvious advantages of Facebook having competition. Recently most Facebook users were left to feel angry at Facebook’s privacy mistakes but there was not much anyone could do about it as if you quit Facebook there was not much of a competitor. Competition would make Facebook more forthcoming and far more careful with peoples data as they would also risk losing its customers. 😉

What do you think will Google’s new social networking website be like? Would it succeed or not? Do let me know through your comments.

Link: Tech Crunch


sheetal June 30, 2010

If so Google is coming up with a social networking website in near future then it should be simple, very user friendly, not too many heavy applications which would take time to open, Unique features and lots of new developments/improvements.

If this is really true then Facebook has to become caution from now only…

Devilslab-Your Guide to Stay Updated July 1, 2010

For “Big G”, i think facebook isn’t a big deal.. 😛
what do you think ?

orkut scraps July 1, 2010

i think this is a big romour, now they have orkut,buzz etc…

Pranay July 2, 2010

Probably true but then what will be the feature of already existing solution like orkut and buzz? or will they combine both of them together?

Aditya Kane July 2, 2010

I doubt they will combine the two. I all probability they will combine all features of Facebook and include allowing reading your mail and watching youTube from the social network itself.

sheetal July 2, 2010

you never know may be if they are waiting for right time to come up with social networking because orkut is also not going that great. People get bored with these websites quite often and they need a change. See how quickly people had switched from orkut to facebook…

saorabh kumar July 3, 2010

Ohh..A big rumour..What happed with GOOGLE wave?? A gift same as GOOGLE wave..Any one remember this.. 🙂

Aditya Kane July 4, 2010

Google Wave has some pretty neat features. Its just too little too late now. 🙂