Run Multiple IE Browsers On Your PC?

A web designer wants his web-site to be visually same across all the browsers.  Amongst other browsers or even the latter incarnations of Internet Explorer, i.e. IE 6 which is a very different animal.

We always want to test  web-sites in various IE versions IE6,  IE7 and IE8 for browser compatibility. But it is always difficult to test on different machines.

Different Ways to Test Website on Various Versions of IE

  • What I used to do is to install 3 operating systems on a machine for IE testing, but it consumes a lot of time.
  • We can also make use of IE Tester but in some cases I found this unreliable, so I prefered to avoid it.

But I came across an excellent way to run multiple version of Internet Explorer on standalone computer.

Thanks to spoon browser ,which provides hundreds of desktop applications. It also provides multiple IE version that runs at the same time on standalone PC.

To test all IE browser we can use spoon browser sandbox .

Run your applications anywhere, anytime as Spoon virtualization lets you run desktop applications with no installations. Do you know about similar tools to test multiple IE versions? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Spoon Browser

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  1. Hey buddy, this will require internet connectivity correct ?? do you know any offline IE tester which has the ability to test all different IE Versions, i am already using IE Tester.

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