Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sales Touch 5 Million!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which according to latest reports has sold over 5 smartphones. Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 2, itself had sold over 3 million units in the just 37 days. While Samsung has seen success over the past few years, it has not seen such sale numbers in such a short period of time. The final number of sales in Europe and North America will only go higher over the next couple of months, where it is the traditional shopping season.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has sold over 5 million units in the past couple of months. The phone is popular in the “phablet” category which is somewhere between a phone and a tablet.

Samsung has Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 which are its flagship products. Though a lot of attention is given to Galaxy S3 and it is often compared with Apple iPhone, Galaxy Note 2 is pretty much a pioneer in the ‘phablet’ category.

Samsung has actually got their bet on larger screens correct. Today almost all phone manufacturers including Apple have increased the screen size on their latest iterations of the phones. It could be because the phones are used more for consuming media content like videos, where having a slightly larger screen seems like a useful idea.

Are ‘Phablets’ here to stay?

Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. The phone has 5.5 inch screen size. It feels too big for a phone and honestly does not comfortably fit into a regular sized pockets.

That said, the phone is preferred by many who are looking at something between a phone and a tablet.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 selling in such high numbers, shows that Samsung has actually made the right choice. It seems ‘phablets’ are here to stay and we might see more manufacturers doing the same.

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Dragos November 27, 2012


It is really interesting to see how much Samsung succeeded to sell of the galaxy Note 2. For sure Samsung will catch Apple and it will become a real force in the battle with Apple. Galaxy note 2 is a great product and I am not amazed when I see the figures.