Show Current Music Track in GTalk while Playing Songs in Winamp

gtalk While using Gtalk, under the status drop down menu, you must have observed an option to set your current music track as your status message. It means, if your song track changes, automatically your status message too gets changed.

But as of now, this feature worked only with Windows’ inbuilt media player – Windows Media Player. So what about those who don’t like Windows Media Player and also people like me who rather prefer using ‘Winamp’? As of now I thought, this is not possible, but Manoj advised a tweak using which this feature could be used even while using Winamp.

Just follow these simple steps before you could start using it:

  1. Go to Winamp root directory, mostly it is C:Program FilesWinamp
  2. Select Tools-> Folder Options –> View (Tab) and uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file types” option and click OK.
  3. Create an empty text file (Notepad file) on Winamp folder and rename it as “winamp.m3u” and save it.
  4. Now restart your Gtalk and Winamp and start using “Show current music track” option. 🙂

By following the above 4 simple steps, you can tweak Gtalk to show current music track while playing songs in Winamp media player.


p align=”justify”>Thank you Manoj for the helpful tip. 🙂


technolizard January 18, 2009

Hey thanks !! Nice trick… Will try it now

Deepak Jain January 18, 2009

@ technolizard
Try it out and share your experience 🙂

pratik March 30, 2010

hey its not working on ma system

Seraj August 16, 2011

It’s working..great..thanks.

Nisha December 15, 2011

superb thanks

Sauravjit Singh January 18, 2009

hey bro!
it’s creating a problem….
after changing the settings my each and every file is showing it’s extension with it….
so while renaming i ve to provide the extension with it otherwise it will make the file of no use….
also extension is creating some problem while downloading which is not at all user friendly….

Sauravjit Singh January 18, 2009

but this problem comes with a cure….
we have to change the setting back to default as it is still working 😀

amrita January 22, 2009

hey………..the above thing didn really work out, the gtalk display still dsnt show the current music track….cn u help??

Deepak Jain January 27, 2009

It should work.. Just recheck the complete procedure again.
Also let us know which version of Winamp do you have installed?

bALA April 27, 2010


SSN February 4, 2009

i just created a new file named winamp.m3u
it worked..
thanks dude..

Deepak Jain February 9, 2009

You are welcome buddy. 🙂

Sonal March 13, 2009

Hey thanks Deepak!!!
I was striving for it since last 3/4 mnths..n was nt getting any solution for that
now with ur idea,its wrking fine ..
thnk u so much for ur advice.

Rahul Bansal March 19, 2009

[on behalf of Deepak. He is on leave for exams.]
Your welcome. 🙂
Welcome to Devils Workshop! 😉

Deepak Jain March 20, 2009

You are welcome Sonal 🙂
Just stumbled over the comments and saw ur comment..

Thanks much for replying on behalf of me.
But now its really hard to keep myself away from DW and tech blogging 🙁

Bapun March 20, 2009

@ Deepak : All the best for your exams mate 🙂

rajesh March 22, 2009

hey, its not working 4me. I am using winamp5.5 version.

Plz help me to solve 🙁

rajesh March 22, 2009

Hey i rechecked and its working :):):):)

thanks a lot buddy…

Sonal March 23, 2009

Hi Deepak,
I want to ask you something……. have u tried this Gtalk ‘Show current music track’ option with Windows media player?

Ravi April 1, 2009

Hey all,
I am trying this thing but still I am not able to share my music with gtalk.

I am using Winamp 5.5.

Please let me know

PK April 7, 2009

For Windows follow these steps.
1. on your windows media player go to
a) Tools
b) Plugs-in
C) Options
d) Look for background in PLUG-IN Tab
e) Click background, you will see all your chatting platform then
check all those you want to share your music with.

Hope this hepls

Sonal April 8, 2009

thnx PK…!

PK April 8, 2009

@Deepak Jain
Cool trick thumbs up!.

For Winamp 5x with MSN you need MassengerAMP dll.
download it from:
Then follow the steps.NB u don’t need to install MassengerAMP just download a dll and place it on your winamp plugins directory folder.

you will be able to use both MSN and Gtalk and share your music

vinod May 1, 2009

hey this works.. thanks

shashank nainwal May 9, 2009

thanks a lot man. It works

G. May 21, 2009

Excellent! Thank you!!

ujwal May 25, 2009

Awesome tweak bro.. was looking for something like this when my gtalk was not responding once i change the status. Nice Work…

Karthik July 27, 2009

That’s ACE!
Thanks a ton for the fix!

werewolf August 14, 2009

nc work dude,it was bothering me frm so long

sulabh September 1, 2009

hii, this is great, I also faced the same problem, found some interesting information in this blog

Ratnesh September 24, 2009

thanx dude!!

nicky September 24, 2009

how to do this in pidgin … ?

Ria Malhotra September 27, 2009

Super trick!! Thanks a ton =)

Ekta October 3, 2009

hey, tried the procedure.. still not working… the problems that i’m facing are:
1. while i try to rename the file, it shows as file name already exists. Hence, i name it in the form of “.txt” file.
2. i am using winamp 5.. i hope this application works in there…

Please help….. 🙂

sowmya August 27, 2011

Mw too have the same prob….
plz help.

Kumar October 10, 2009

But How we can use this in windows Media Playaer.

amit October 11, 2009

I have already set the status of show current music track, and playing songs in media player, but not getting any custom msg of song

nskao October 20, 2009

superbb realy workin

ranjita October 22, 2009

thanks works in windows media player…thanks a ton

chamila December 13, 2009

thanks a lot works perfectly on Windows 7 as well.thanks a million

Manty December 15, 2009

Amazing trick!
would like to know Deepak/Manoj how did u find it?

ankit December 17, 2009 works..

nirav January 17, 2010

thanks man …. how the heck u do this… ?

Deepak Jain January 19, 2010

@ nirav
The procedure is mentioned above Nirav! 😉

Rafael Shazan February 14, 2010

I’m using windows 7, Winamp Lite and the newest Google Talk (14 february 2010) and this method works like a charm. If you don’t do this, Google Talk crashes.

sumukh February 19, 2010

thanks a lot bro…works like a charm!!!

Ganaga Suresh February 24, 2010

great!!! Thanks NIce work dude

Arpan March 3, 2010

it works, really cool..thanks a ton 🙂

Gaurav March 17, 2010

Dude u r awesome!! thank u so much…

Madhav March 18, 2010

wonderful… thanks for easy trick

Ujjwal April 1, 2010

Use Digsby .. its way better 😀

karaahmet April 5, 2010

thanks dude, you rock!..

Kunal May 2, 2010

Awesome tip 🙂

paddy June 8, 2010

hey man,i m using windows 7,after uncheck when i go to new it only shows folder option but no text document option.what should i do ?
please help me out.

ranjoth June 14, 2010

@PK thanks brooo

Manoj June 22, 2010


It works fine for me in Windows XP Service pack 3

Ishrar July 2, 2010

Nice trick….

It’s working….


Thnaks 🙂 Cheers

stj July 16, 2010

Thanks bud.

rizal August 19, 2010

thx, it’s work !!!

SAnket August 25, 2010

not working 🙁

Dev September 5, 2010

Hey bro That’s man ITS WORKING PERFECTLY IN 1st SHOOT!! wow amazhing i can now play in winamp too.. Gtalk only support for windows Media Player 🙂 bro you rocks! Thanks again.

krish September 10, 2010

hey thanks buddy…its working….tanhs a lotttttt..

Akshaya October 15, 2010

Thank u..It’s working….

Sebin October 21, 2010

thankzzzz……it worked……………

Pankaj November 16, 2010

This is excellent… thx

arshu November 23, 2010


Sowmya December 24, 2010

hey coooool!! its working 🙂

Payal January 2, 2011

thanks a lot…its wrking…

Bharath January 6, 2011

Great work dude…….

Monu March 27, 2011

Thanks a lot buddy…..:)

Bala March 31, 2011

Awesome Thanks. I have always wanted to do this since long time after it stopped working.

NEL April 18, 2011

Hey, Great Trick Buddy. I was trying for this from many days. But didnt succeded, till now.. Not its working with the trick u give..

Thanks a million..

me April 19, 2011

thanx for the tip XD

Kastur July 2, 2011

Thanks. It works

Neil July 20, 2011

SUPER COOL !!!!!!!!

U ROCK !!!!!

Using Windows 7 SP1 and Winamp 5.58 and its super duper working !

Phani September 8, 2011

It worked Dude…! 🙂

Ajit September 17, 2011

Thank you very much dude..its working for me….

rohit January 8, 2012

gr8 .. it’s working

thanx buddy 🙂

moe January 31, 2012

when I open the music in gtalk and, at the same time my friend can’t listen this music with me, but can see this music, why?
Pls explain If listen together with my friend and me at the same time.

Hey Joe March 20, 2012

Many thanks 🙂

Anonymus October 30, 2013

Thank you, excellent, earlier my gtalk was crashing, but with this tweak, its a breeze. thank you very much