Simple Trick to get Country Specific Google Search Trends

Most bloggers might be knowing about Google trends, which shows the top 10 search trends in the United States.

Just visit and you will see the latest 10 trending search queries for the United States.

But, sometimes you might want to look up trends in other countries. This can be done by simply adding “/trends” ahead of the different local Google homepage.

For example, in is the Google India portal. Now, using “” we are redirected to Google trends but with information on Indian search trends. 😉

Country Specific Search Trends

Below are some of the country specific trends we can get by just adding “/trends” to every localized Google homepage.

This unfortunately does not work with all countries, like for instance trends specific to Australia, Germany, France, Russia cannot be accessed and show the default trends for U.S.

In case you want to know what keywords people are searching for across the world, then using these trends can be quite helpful.

Do you know about any other way to use Google Trends for country specific results? Do drop in your comments and let me know.

Link: Google Trends


Mohul February 18, 2011 will those keywords directly.. the most hot keywords.. and the best part is to change the date and then compare the keywords.. Google is sometimes just God!

Aditya Kane February 18, 2011

Good point Mohul, and this works with country specific domains too. 🙂