So whats different about Facebook Lite?

Yesterday I wrote a post about Facebook Lite being available for Facebook users in the US and India. I checked out Facebook Lite and was quite impressed with it. So I decided to compare the two. I wonder with Facebook Lite being available, does the normal Facebook become Facebook Heavy? πŸ˜‰


What is different?

  • Facebook has many applications and quizzes you can take part in. The annoying invites or requests from your Facebook Friends do not show up on Lite.
  • Facebook Lite allows you access to your Profile (the image to the left is when I clicked on Profile for my account with Lite), Events and Inbox but has no access to any applications.
  • I can add friends and also delete them from Facebook Lite but cannot categorise my friends list and organise them into Work, School etc. This might be a concern for users who many friends on Facebook and prefer to send messages and mails using the groups.
  • Lack of access and updates to Facebook applications was obviously expected but the surprise is that it allows me to post photos and videos and honestly that is more than what I expected out of Facebook Lite.

Applications V/s Simplicity Argument

I agree a lot of us use applications and games on Facebook which is not possible with Facebook Lite. But I took a quick poll in at my workplace amongst my colleagues who were on Facebook for more than a six months and over 66% said that they did not use applications on Facebook at all.

The sample size even though not considerable or scientific clearly shows that a overwhelming majority might prefer to use Facebook Lite than its usual version.

Issues with Settings and Registration

Currently Facebook Lite doesn’t allow to make any changes to its Settings and Privacy options. It also does not allow users to directly sign up for Facebook with Facebook Lite. I think this is only a temporary issue and sooner than later these two issue will be resolved.

I like this new innovation by Facebook and my prediction is that the Lite version will be the most used or become the default version and there will be tabs or options to activate applications if needed. Facebook is rumoured to come out with a IPO next year which will increase its funding and Facebook Lite seems to be a great way to increase its user-base before they start investing in further innovations.

I use twitter a lot and find it fun and enjoyable. I certainly think that Twitter should start worrying! πŸ˜›

Links: Facebook Lite | Facebook

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Rajat September 12, 2009

“I certainly think that Twitter should start worrying.”

Don’t you think Facebook is copying a lot from Twitter over time? When Facebook was redesigned recently, rumors mills ran overboard, stating that it was done to emulate Twitter. A few days ago, it allowed ‘mentions’ on status messages ala Twitter. And now this Facebook Lite.

Imitation may be the best form of flattery, but its time that we saw something innovative, and original. What say?

suraj jain September 13, 2009

To me it looks like FACEBOOK Lite is a NO-JAVASCRIPT Version of facebook..

so any module which depends on Javascripts are not included on Facebook lite

Aparachitt September 13, 2009

Hmm Interesting ,,But i love using Old facebook ..rather then this ..i am addicted to that layout.

Aditya Kane September 13, 2009

@Rajat: Facebook is copying from Twitter is one way to put it, but then if copying is not allowed in the broadest terms (i am not talking about a code or software being copied) there would be no social networking site except just one. I agree Facebook has reacted to the twitter movement but it has had many innovations in the recent past. Ofcourse we all want more πŸ˜‰

Aditya Kane September 13, 2009

@Suraj Jain: you are probably right.
@Aparachitt: I dont think Facebook is doing away with their old layout any soon. Actually if you have been using FB for a long time even the current layout was made public a year ago. Even then many people protested even suggesting they wanted to leave FB but the move actually worked for facebook in the long run.

Aditya September 14, 2009

I was using this as a Beta tester for past one month. I would like to stress that the lite version can be used via web proxies properly unlike the “normal” version due to much less Ajax code.People using internet via GPRS or dial-up will be happy with this.

Aditya Kane September 14, 2009

well i agree, it was meant for people with slow connections or dialup connections.

ripe September 14, 2009

faceboook lite is helpful for people who just want’s to follow the status of friends like Mr. Twitter

i had contacted you using the contact form…no response yet.

Aditya Kane September 14, 2009

@ripe. I have sent you a mail. Thanks πŸ™‚

Ashish Kudva September 24, 2009

I use lots of game applications on FB. But recently Lite has taken over my account and I’m unable to return back to the old FB. If you have any idea how I could do that, please let me know.

I didn’t enjoy using FB lite at all.

shashank nimsarkar September 24, 2009

i have 2 deactivate my facebook lite and use the old version without deliting my acc how shuld i do that….

Aditya Kane September 24, 2009

@shashank: You do not have to delete your account. Only the interface changes with the same username and password when you sign-in at and if you do not want to use Facebook Lite, simply use and sign-in with your accnt username and password. This will take you to the old version directly.

JeanGreyS September 24, 2009

hey! i tried that but am not able to return to the old facebook… i log in through but it takes me back to facebook lite.. help please πŸ™‚

vivek jain September 24, 2009

1) Logout of facebook lite.
2) Delete cookies.Restart browser.
3) Open
4) Login into your account.
I hope this may help.

JeanGreyS September 25, 2009

@ vivek jain
hey, i tried that, but it still takes me to facebook lite. i even tried using different browsers. it doesn’t work πŸ™
but thanks for trying to help πŸ™‚

Ashish Kudva September 25, 2009


@ Vivek

I have tried all those before posting for help here. It doesn’t work. Even after I clear all the cookies and restart the browser..and log on through it automatically redirects to

Aditya Kane September 25, 2009

@JeanGray and Ashish:

If clearing the cookies of the browser still doesnt help, Try this run around.
Once you are logged into Facebook Lite.
Click on ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Profile’ when you are at the settings page.
Once you click on Profile you will get a message that the feature is not ready and you can visit the main site. Click on Main Site and it should directly take you there.

Ashish Kudva September 25, 2009

The solution you gave works to get my profile back. But I’m facing problem in getting back my Home page. When ever I click on Home, it goes back to which is very disappointing.

Aditya Kane September 25, 2009

I have never really faced this problem. Have you tried to login to the old version of facebook from a different computer? If you have can you tell me which browser you are using. Also if possible try from a different browser.

ashish September 25, 2009

ey im facing the same prob like ashish kudva….i hav tried it according to thec conversation between u n ashish….can u gve me a alternate idea 4 that…..

sara September 26, 2009

i cant get back 2 old facebook page and have tried all of the above…i hate it…..i should be able to get back as soon as possible.. u’ve taken away my right 2 use my own facebook as i want…return it as soon as possible. and i’ve sent two feedback requests and had no answer.

answer asap please and tell me how to return to old facebook…

praveen September 26, 2009

hi dude actually i want to remove beta lite on my facebook account how i can plzzzzzzzzzzz help me

andy September 26, 2009

hi iam also the latest victim of facebook lite…i want my standard facebook page…it does not work :(…anybody pls help


ashish September 26, 2009

hey aditya ru listening us….plz do sumthing asap

Ashish Kudva September 26, 2009


Yeah I have tried. I have tried Using the following internet explorers as well – Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Safari
No success so far. There are more 1000 people are having this problem. If you go to you will see.

Aditya Kane September 27, 2009

@Ashish Kudva, Andy, Ashish and Sara: Sorry about you guys being stuck on Facebook Lite after logging in. Currently I am searching for more news on this and will send any update on the comments. This is a issue at Facebook’s end and most users do not have a problem switching from Lite to normal. Sorry about the issue but as I said nothing said by facebook officially… ASAP ill try to get some details for you guys.

Ashish Kudva September 27, 2009

Hi Aditya,

Thank you very much. Appreciate it. I really hope they come up with something soon. I have been stuck for more than 72 hrs now. All I can do is wait watch.

anusha September 27, 2009

hey i too hate facebook lite..
i wanna my chat option back..
is there anyway i can get it?

aditya September 27, 2009

Hi aditya,

I am not able to get gift request on FB lite…..pls pls help me to get my old FB…THANX

Ashish Kudva September 27, 2009


As of now there is no way to get your Old Facebook back. But I can suggest you a way to get your Profile back. That you can get CHAT as well.
There are 2 ways you can get it:
1) Use the following link and replace XXX with your User ID:

In case you don’t your Facebook user ID, click on profile and then check the Address bar. The number following is your UID

2) Click on Settings button. It is available on top part of your FB screen, right next to Logout button.
Once you are in Settings just click on the profile button. It’ll take you to old FB profile.

The problem here is – If you click on HOME button it’ll take you to

Good Luck

ra September 27, 2009

how to remove facebook lite and go back to normal facebook

anusha September 27, 2009

@Ashish Kudva
hey thanks so much..
i used the second option..
by clicking on PROFILE it does get back ur previous profile page..
and i found another way to get ur chat option..
jus go to SETTINGS and click on any tab..
ie the tabs like NOTIFICATION, LANGUAGES, PAYMENT etc etc

anyway thanks again..
i jus hope they get back the old version..
was so much better..

vivek jain September 27, 2009

Have just wrote an article on this problem. Editor has attached the link in related posts. Hope you all find it helpful.

Aditya Kane September 27, 2009

@Ashish Kudva: That was great initiative. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately no one at DW was facing this issue and hence there was no way to experiment a lot with this bug.

ashish September 27, 2009

hey ….how do we check all those requests…cuz it’s unavailable in facebook lite.?

Ashish Kudva September 28, 2009

@Anusha: You are welcome. Even I hope that we get Facebook Classic Back.

@Aditya Kane: I understand their frustration as I faced it as well[still facing it]. I had to try out all options and found these viable. I’m glad its helping others as well.

@Aditya: To check all the requests use the following link:

Good Luck

sal September 28, 2009

hey guys im also sufferin with facebook lite. its really irritatin. hope ul find a solution to get back to normal face book.

Vani September 29, 2009

i don’t know why n who invented this crap…but you should have given an option as to who all wants to use this application before pressuring on to ppl who do not want this as all..

yash September 30, 2009

pls… any1 tell me how 2 remove it??

Aditya Kane September 30, 2009

@All: I know it is quite frustrating to be stuck on Facebook Lite. I repeat that as I or none of my friends have encountered this problem we have not been able to thoroughly analyze the problem. But my colleague Vivek Jain has posted number of possible solutions on how to get back to the normal Facebook layout. I am giving you guys the link here..

avnee khemka September 30, 2009

i want the old fb bak ….i think it was better…..

avnee khemka September 30, 2009

plzz sum one tell me how to get rid of facebook lite…..i might as well remove my id ….atleast its better than fb lite

Gunjan September 30, 2009

thankssss ashish thank u so much now i can see my gift requests without ny hassels… thanks dear

rishabh October 1, 2009

hi i just want to know how can i convert facebook lit to normal facebook

ishan October 2, 2009

well guys thr’s one solution..fb lite is only available in eng(us and uk),so if u change ur lang ,i mean any odr lang odr thn en ul get ur old fb back..
hope this helps..
PS:-they also do have hindi as a lang option

sreyaa October 2, 2009

i am not getting any farmville gift requests…this is frustrating guys plz help…FB lite is frustrating

ashish October 3, 2009

@ sreya-

here’s the link….u’ll get ol those pending gifts…..guess ur an good farmer woz very much worried abu hr gifts ….lol

Adi October 6, 2009

I cant see the bonus of farmville shared by my friends on my wall (even i have been shifted to FB lite)…..can any one help plzz…

vani October 7, 2009

Today Automatically i got my old facebook back..i am so happy..thanks..hope others who got stuck like me are able to see fb old version now..

umesh November 14, 2009

Hi friends,
If you want to research on FB Lite problem which many of us facing and our experts are not able to find any solution bcoz they are not facing this problem.
If you want to see this problem then do one thing… when you are logging in type ur user id and password and say log in and hit refresh button when the page is loading.
It will take you to FB lite then you can find solution to get ur FB old version back

umesh November 14, 2009

HI Frnds… Good news
You can rollback to FB older version just do this…

Login to ur account
then it asks if you’d like to give feedback for Facebook Lite, it also gives you an option to change back to Regular Facebook πŸ™‚

Sukesh bapat November 18, 2009

go to settings, click on default site and then on regular facebook and save.

mohommadnazim November 20, 2009

i want to deactivate my facebook lite request. because i dont understand it better than ur original facebook .so plz confirm my request

Siddhant Parkar November 23, 2009

First go to settings>>Click on default site.That’s all the help you need

sam November 23, 2009

it worked 4 me…go to settings in lite and click on default site.there r 2 options facebook lite and regular on regular facebook.

saloni pradhan December 1, 2009

i didnt like da new facebook lite….so plz deactivate dat..i want da original facebook back cs its easier n fun.

Anchal December 8, 2009

everyone:guys theres a solution for all facebooklite sufferers …go to facebook lite click on the feedback option(which is at the botom of the page)then above the comment box there is a option to switch to the regular facebook…this worked for me…

mitashi December 13, 2009

hi all,
i also had the same problem of removing facebook lite. i can suggest u all to try this. fo to ur facebook lite account. at the end of the page left hand corner, u’ll find feedback, which will take u to another window, in which u’ll in the starting only.
to go back to regular facebook click here. which will take u to ur regular facebook account.

hope this solution helps u all.
let me know if it does coz it worked for me.

Deepak December 29, 2009

HI Frnds
To rollback to FB older version just do this…

Login to ur account
then it asks if you’d like to give feedback for Facebook Lite, it also gives you an option to change back to Regular Facebook on top…. πŸ˜‰

kamalesh January 30, 2010

I have activated facebook lite.i want to go original facebook site. How can I do it.

sukesh February 9, 2010

@ kamalesh go to settings, click on default site and then on regular facebook and save.

diwakar March 29, 2010

thanks mitashi it really works

meghana April 16, 2010

hi! whenever i click d like tab on facebook it switch me to facebook lite………..n i have tried ol ur suggestions given above………..

ankita April 18, 2010

hw cn i see my gift request in face book lite. i dn’t like using facebooklite i wmt to switch on to my regular facebook

ankita April 18, 2010

thnx deepak for ur suggestion i really worked out thnx once again