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    HI All, Say goodbye to GNUBOX

    Now use pc’s broadband on ur fon in a very simple way without mrouter & gnubox its real

    Hiisi Suite, HTTP proxy server suite for mobile phone and PC, enables MIDP capable mobile phone to connect to LAN via bluetooth (RFCOMM) connection. With these proxies, you can connect mobile phone inside the area where bluetooth radio wave of PC can reach to the internet without paying money for mobile operators. Hiisi Suite supports only HTTP protocol (GET and POST methods).
    Hiisi Proxy is a midlet for mobile that routes all the http traffic to Pihatonttu Proxy running on the PC. Before installing and running the applications, you have to configure them, according to your devices settings.
    COMPATIBILITY: working on 6630, N73, N95, E51 and E61. It should work in any MIDP 2.0 mobile.

    Note: Do not skip this! Read carefully !!!
    You may need JAVA JRE (java runtime environment). Most PCs, may already have the java jre installed, you can check your version by open a command prompt (Start / run / cmd – enter) then in black window, type “java -version” (without quotes) and press enter. Version will be displayed if installed. If not CLICK HERE to get it.

    ? Step 1

    First create a new acces point:
    Go to – Tools > Settings > Connection > Access points > Options > Create new access point
    Name the access point anything you wish. In my case I called it Bt, but you name it as you want since the connection name doesn’t matter, unlike GnuBox.
    Connection Name > Bt (Or anything else you want. Be careful, Connection Name and Acces Point Name are different things)
    Leave everything on default then go to Options > Advanced settings.
    On the proxy server address enter and 1234 as the proxy port number. Now press back two times to exit and save the new access point.

    This step is only for those nokia phones which have Wlan (WIFI connectivity)

    (Only for those phones which have wifi connectivity tools-settings-connection-acesspoint–options-new acess point—- connction name (BT), data bearer (wireless lan), network acess (public), WLAN network mode (Ad-hoc), option-advance settings-change proxy server address to 127.0.01 and proxy port no 1234 and exit.)

    Step 2
    Installation on the phone
    On the folder that you extracted Hiisi1.6.3Hiisibin there are Hiisi.jar and Hiisi.jad.
    Copy both files to the root of your MMC or phone memory, doesn’t matter how you get the files to your phone, via usb or bluetooth, is important that both files are in the same directory for proper installation.
    Then using any file explorer (could even use nokia file manager) locate and run the hiisi.jad file and not the JAR, this will be in a path looking something like E:/hiisi.jad (it is important to run the jad file, and NOT the jar file, or simply won’t work at all, but .jar file must also be present in same dir as the .jad file for successful installation), so follow all on screen prompts which comes from after clicking the hiisi.jad file, and go ahead and install it.

    >> Update:
    When prompted for the installation directory when you install the .jad file, select the directory where your .jad and .jar files are located.
    If you have transfered the files on E:/, select memory card to install the .jad file.
    If you have transfered them on C:/ select phone memory to install the .jad file.

    ? Step 3

    Configuring the server on PC
    First we need to know the COM Port used by your bluetooth.
    In my case is COM11 under BlueSoleil 2.1.3 Release. In the main panel of BlueSoleil go to My Services > Properties > Serial Port A.
    Now we need to edit the COM Port in the Pihatonttu.cmd.
    Open Notepad and drag and drop Pihatonttu.cmd inside the Notepad.
    You should see this:
    start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .libcomm.jar;.libjdic.jar;.class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM7 null
    In the COM7, change the number 7 to your COM Port used by bluetooth. In my case is COM11 so it should be like this:
    start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .libcomm.jar;.libjdic.jar;.class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM11 null
    If you want to use 3rd party proxy server just replace null with (note that this proxy is only for example, you’re not supposed to use this)or any other proxy you want.
    start javaw -Djava.library.path=. -cp .libcomm.jar;.libjdic.jar;.class Pihatonttu.PihatonttuMain COM11
    Note: You can do the same with the Pihatonttu_localhost.cmd file but in my case it worked with Pihatonttu.cmd.
    Ctrl+S to save it and close Notepad. Now double click the Pihatonttu.cmd and the Pihatonttu Proxy window will appear.
    Note: If you get error like “COM Port is in use” when you launch the app, close it and launch again.

    ? Step 4

    Now launch the Hiisi Proxy on your Phone. It will ask you “Allow application Hiisi bla bla bla…?” Press Yes.
    Select and press Bluetooth Mode then it will say “Inquiring bluetooth devices…”
    Now choose your PC bluetooth name then it will search for bluetooth serial port.
    On the next screen you will see the btspp://….. Selection.This is the RFCOMM service and you need to select this one. (select the first and not the second)
    Normally you can go ahead on browsing the web now but to be sure let’s go to Options > Settings. Bluetooth mode must be selected.
    Bluetooth Connection > Check now must be checked.
    User Agent > Select Mozilla/5.0(Symbian OS S60 Browser/Safari) then press OK

    After pressing OK, Checking Bluetooth Connection screen will appear and you have to allow the application to use connectivity applications.

    Final step

    Now without exiting the Hiisi Proxy, unlike GnuBox, open the browser on the phone and try to open any web page.
    When prompted which access point to use, select your new dummy access point. In my case I called it Bt so I have to select that.

    BlueSoleil 2.1.3 Download (Rapidshare link)

    Hiisi Suite Download (Rapidshare link)

    100% working


    Can you send me steps how to connect sony ericsson w580i using Hiisi ?
    I cannot install jad files but can install jar files, when installed jar file and start the application, i get an error ‘Application error.’ , please help me on this error


    I am using NOKIA 7230 based on S40 OS.. Can you please guide me
    1. How can i create a new access point in my mobile?
    2. When i transfer the jad and jar file to my phone the jad file is not visible (although the jar application is functional and appears as hiisi proxy).
    3. So i skipped the above step and when i run the application from mobile after running for some time it gives an error “Application error” the details are shown as “Null pointer:  java/lang/NullPointerException” and exits.
    4. Also is there any method to know the COM port?

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