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    I want to start a career in blogging. I have already written a number of posts for my blog. But I don't have a blog as of now. I understand after going through several posts in DevilsWorkshop that having a blogspot.com or wordpress.com address is not good for professional bloggers. I have a few questions to ask. Hope you will answer them for me.

    1) I am not clear about the domain service providers and web hosting services. Can you explain me (or direct me to a post) how should I search for one best suited for my needs ?

    2) Even blogger provides an option to use a custom domain. Does that mean we can buy a domain and host it for free on blogger ? If so, is there some drawback in using blogger as a hosting service ?

    3) Please refer me to some good domain providers and web hosting services.

    4) I have not much knowledge about SEO, coding etc. If I go for my own domain name and hosting service, will I face problem with customizing my template ? I am comfortable customizing a template in blogger. Will it be that simple ?

    Please reply asap. Can I mail (this is for Rahul, Aditya and Deepak) you people if I have some further queries ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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