[Survey] Tablet Users Play Games More Read E-Books

When we think of tablet devices, we assume that tablets will be used primarily for reading e-books, watching videos and even looking up the news. Strangely gaming is what tablets are most used for. If that is not surprising enough then second to gaming is searching for stuff online.

Google Admob which is a service for showing ads on mobile and tablet platforms has carried out a survey of tablets and have discovered some interesting insights on how Tablets are being used.

The survey can be downloaded from Google Admob link.


Google Admob’s Survey on Tablets

  • The main point of interest is that 84% people used Tablets primarily to play games.
  • Other things ranked high were searching for information which was at 78% and Emailing which  was  74%.
  • That means most people are using tablets a lot like their laptops or  even mobile phones.
  • While shopping online and reading e-books is quite lowly ranked as priorities for tablet owners. This is a surprising trend for people who thought that tablets were going to replace books more than laptops.

Is it really that surprising?

The answer to that is simply ‘No’. If you noticed all the tablets that are being released this year, most of them boast of better processor and better graphics handling. I think if e-books and watching videos was going to make people addicted to tablets, then Amazon’s Kindle would be more dominant than lets say Apples iPad.

This proves that tablets are being looked more often as replacement to their computers or even mobile phones and not books and newspapers.

With 165 million tablets being shipped in the next two years, we might be in for some interesting times in the gadgets industry. Do drop in your comments.

Credit: Google AdMob Blog