Play and Sync Android Apps on Your Windows Desktop

Android is one of the world’s most popular operating system for mobile phones. But unlike iOS, which also supports syncing of apps across other Apple devices, there is no Android OS for a PC. To use your Android Apps on Windows, Bluestack App player is a boon. It is a software which comes with 10 […]

Download Facebook Messenger for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Facebook recently launched a new Messenger for smartphones like iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. This messenger is an Instant Messaging application just like Facebook chat but it’s directly connected to your Facebook inbox. You directly get a message on your smartphone whenever somebody drops a message to your Facebook profile. If you are using Facebook application […]

Lenovo Launches Android Based Tablets in India

Lenovo has recently introduced a couple of tablets which are Android based. The IdeaPad K1 and A1 Tablets and Thinkpad Tablet are probably launched with one eye to the Diwali season in India. Currently Lenovo does have a healthy share in laptops and so it moving into the tablet space seems natural. It is still anyone’s […]

Possible Threats for Android’s Growth in the Future

On the first glimpse, the title of this post might sound little absurd and weird. After all who would ever want such a leading mobile operating system and a giant company like Google to have any threats? Though, as per a recent report by comscore, in the United States, currently Android owns the largest pie […]

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 7.7: Then Removes it Because of Court-Orders

I still remember the year 2009, people hardly took announcements of a tablet device very seriously. Mainly tablet computers were just fancy gadgets no one really bought. Apple then introduced iPad and the rules of the game changed. The tablet market is growing with almost a new Tablet being unveiled every month. Samsung has unveiled […]

[Survey] Top 10 Android Apps Hog 43% of Time Spent in Apps

Let me first start by a disclaimer. I do not own an Android phone, and hence have no real experience with Android Apps. But I have friends who swear by their Android phones and the App marketplace for Android. I guess Android being open-sourced, has a big developer community around it. Over 250,000 Android Apps […]

[$12.5 Billion] Google Buys Motorola to Power Android!

Google has recently announced that it has acquired the mobile maker Motorola. This acquisition is valued at $12.5 billion. Google has bought Motorola with an eye towards powering Android. I guess they feel having a mobile manufacturer in their portfolio would make them less reliant on other manufacturers. Here is a quote from Google’s blog […]