Download Facebook Messenger for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Facebook recently launched a new Messenger for smartphones like iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. This messenger is an Instant Messaging application just like Facebook chat but it’s directly connected to your Facebook inbox. You directly get a message on your smartphone whenever somebody drops a message to your Facebook profile. If you are using Facebook application on your mobile then this Messenger has nothing to do with it. This messenger is just for your inbox messages not for other Facebook notifications.


It’s a good, light weight and user-friendly application with neat and clean User Interface. Even if you’re not using Facebook for your mobile you should definitely install it. Messaging with this application is so simple and fast that I always reply my Facebook messages using this application even when I’m online from my PC.

By using this application you can send messages, group messages, location or even pictures within few seconds using your phone’s camera. But for your information this application is for some smartphones only not all. These are Apple iPhone, Android based phones and BlackBerry handsets only.

Download Link:

You can download the application using this link. Alternatively you can open your phone’s browser and go to the link given below:

This will directly take you to the downloading page.

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