Maharashtra Government Blocks Facebook In Its Office

In the recent past, we have witnessed a lot of flak with regards to Facebook Banned in Pakistan . The reasons for the ban were cited as users being uploading images of Prophet Muhammad. Apparently, it was a religious issue and the authorities had to ban Facebook. But, in what seems like a funny revelation, […]

Facebook may not allow you to use domain

While updating my status message of Facebook from twitter, I got an error message which says “Some content in this message has been reported as abusive by Facebook users.” This error message was generated due to the use of, the official URL shortener of tweetmeme. In most of the cases you won’t be able […]

All about “Block People”/”Ignore User” on Facebook

“Block people” is one of the most advanced feature by Facebook. There are 300 million Facebook users now but still mostly aren’t aware of this “block people” option and they don’t even know that what happens when you ignore somebody on Facebook. Don’t worry we have all your answers, after all you are on FacebooKnol […]