All about “Block People”/”Ignore User” on Facebook

“Block people” is one of the most advanced feature by Facebook. There are 300 million Facebook users now but still mostly aren’t aware of this “block people” option and they don’t even know that what happens when you ignore somebody on Facebook. Don’t worry we have all your answers, after all you are on FacebooKnol πŸ˜‰

How to ignore/block someone on Facebook?

Well there are two ways of doing that,

Method 1:

To ignore somebody on Facebook, simply click here(or go to your privacy settings) and add either the name or the e-mail id you want to block in the box given below on that page and click “block”.

(check the screen shot below for more clarification)

FacebooKnol (2)

Method 2:

You can also ignore somebody directly by visiting his/her profile. To do so, you first have to delete that person and then click “Report/Block this person”. Check “block this person” and click submit.You can also report a person for any particular reason.

(check the screen shot below for more clarification)

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What happens when I “Block People” on Facebook?

Blocking users on Facebook is much more advanced than “ignore user” option of Orkut. If you block someone on Facebook he/she won’t be able to,

  • See your profile on Facebook search results.
  • Either open your profile, if the ignored person is having a bookmark of your profile, that will be automatically re-directed to his/her homepage.
  • Send pokes/message or any friend request in future.
  • See your comments in public pages.
  • See you in anybody’s friends list.

Obviously that’s a very good feature and important too in order to make Facebook clean.

Blocked person is sending me messages using fake profiles, what should I do?

Well in that case simple make your profile invisible, that means only you will be able to see other Facebook profiles and nobody can access your profile. Read “Set Your Profile Search Visibility on Facebookfor more information related to it.

So make facebook beautiful with “Block People” option and make Facebook better with FacebooKnol. πŸ˜‰

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Troi Dizon October 23, 2012

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