Create and Share Free Public Charts and Diagrams with Creately

Creating and sharing charts or diagrams online is a great way to collaborate while planning a project. Workflows and simple diagrams are great too but a impressive chart actually helps people understand a lot more in very little time. I have used Lovely Charts and even Google drawings. This time I tried out, which is a pretty decent one if you are comfortable creating diagrams or charts which are saved publicly.

Create Charts and Diagrams - Creately

Creately Features

  • Creately allows free users to create and share charts and diagrams. Users can sign up with their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.
  • You can invite more collaborators to create the charts and also save your chart as an image.
  • I found that it has a huge directory of images or objects and pre-defined charts, flowcharts and even infographics, which really helps bring to life a chart.

The free version of Creately does have some limitations, mainly users can only save upto 5 diagrams at one point of time. Also saving the chart as an image is not possible without Creately’s watermark.

Do try out our Creately and drop in your comments.

Link: Creately


Facebook Reveals The Most Popular Time For Breakups

Have you ever given a thought on what all Facebook can tell you ? Well, the number of time a person stays online, the way he shares his information tells a lot about the user. Just for instance have a look at how Facebook reveals the time for breakups.

According to data pulled from Facebook, December is one of the most popular months to break up.


Mathias Mikkelsen posted the chart below, which he picked up from a TED talk by David McCandless. As you can see people break up least in summer seasons. They break up most on festive seasons like December.

What could be the reason ? Well as far as I think, people get over excited with their relationships when the new year is approaching. With new year resolutions many wish for a new and better relationship. One more reason I could think of is, people are on holidays so they think about it a lot and when they are busy working they don’t care so much.

What do you think ? Do share your thoughts with me.