Create and Share Free Public Charts and Diagrams with Creately

Creating and sharing charts or diagrams online is a great way to collaborate while planning a project. Workflows and simple diagrams are great too but a impressive chart actually helps people understand a lot more in very little time. I have used Lovely Charts and even Google drawings. This time I tried out, which is a pretty decent one if you are comfortable creating diagrams or charts which are saved publicly.

Create Charts and Diagrams - Creately

Creately Features

  • Creately allows free users to create and share charts and diagrams. Users can sign up with their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.
  • You can invite more collaborators to create the charts and also save your chart as an image.
  • I found that it has a huge directory of images or objects and pre-defined charts, flowcharts and even infographics, which really helps bring to life a chart.

The free version of Creately does have some limitations, mainly users can only save upto 5 diagrams at one point of time. Also saving the chart as an image is not possible without Creately’s watermark.

Do try out our Creately and drop in your comments.

Link: Creately