Rapportive: Get details of your Gmail contacts from various sources

Social networks have really captured a lot of attention for many people to stay in touch with each other. Email still remains the most important way to pass confidential and personal information. I mean we cannot discuss a business proposal over Facebook or Orkut can we! 😛 Most people use their email address to register […]

Gmail redesigns contact cards

Google is notoriously functional and it has a laser like focus on functionality of its services. This leads Google to sometimes not give much thought to aesthetics and looks of a product. Gmail has tweaked something that is totally about looks and not functionality. Gmail has redesigned contact cards and there are positives on the […]

Now save contacts from Twitter and Gmail with Mozilla

Long are the days gone when all your online contacts were just Email addresses which could be downloaded on your computer thanks to a Email client. Today we have Email friends, Facebook contacts and most importantly the people you follow on Twitter. Mozilla Contacts is a extension which is still in Mozilla Labs and allows […]