Now save contacts from Twitter and Gmail with Mozilla

Long are the days gone when all your online contacts were just Email addresses which could be downloaded on your computer thanks to a Email client. Today we have Email friends, Facebook contacts and most importantly the people you follow on Twitter.
Mozilla Contacts is a extension which is still in Mozilla Labs and allows for downloading and storing your email, twitter, Gravtaar contacts. The idea behind this browser extension is to allow a better comprehensive database of your contacts.

About Mozilla Contacts

  • Mozilla Contacts is a great Firefox add-on which helps your save up and backup all your contacts on Gmail, twitter and Address Book on local computer along with Gravatar Images.
  • These contacts are available on now on Firefox and can be used for various things like searching up for contacts and email address of people you have saved. For instance you might have saved someones email address but use it on another email service you do not have to import the contacts but just use them from Mozilla contacts.
  • Also there is the auto-complete for email address which is very valuable when it comes to filling in forms on websites.

This is still a test tool and hence there are further plans by Mozilla to improve on it and make it truly a great browser experience. This will include things linking up various contacts of the same person automatically. So this way you can see someones Twitter Id, Email address and other details under one name or identity, but these features are not rolled out as yet.

This is a great addition to Firefox along with Weave and also Test Pilot of Firefox. I think it will has great potential, what do you think?

Do try out this extension and let us know if you liked it and what you liked about it. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Mozilla Contacts


Chinmoy April 19, 2010

Nice find. One thing though. You said this is a Firefox add-on and then there are further plans to develop this from Mozilla. So it is being developed by Mozilla itself?
I wish some awesome add-ons are integrated into Firefox itself. Installing add-ons after each fresh Firefox install is frustrating, once you have loads of them and do not remember all of the.

Aditya Kane April 19, 2010

Yes Chinmoy, this is not a 3rd party add-on but comes under Mozilla Labs as a feature. Mostly I expect it to be part of Firefox by default in the future.

JOHNMOSES April 19, 2010

Great. Thank U for info….