Facebook Developer Garage in New Delhi, India

A good news for all Indian Facebook Apps Developers. Tekriti Software is organizing Facebook Developer Garage event in New Delhi on 25th April 2009. Facebook like other parts in the world, growing in India in terms of popularity and user base. As Facebook platform and its apps can be nice source of revenue, many developers […]

#6: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Logical Expressions

As we have already learnt about data types, we will now study about logical expressions and also about switch. Logical expressions are basically if else statements. You might have given orders to somebody like if jam is available then apply that on bread else if butter is available, then apply that else don’t apply anything. […]

#5: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Data Types (Continued)

In the previous post, we talked about some data types – variables, strings, string functions and numbers. In this post we will talk about more data types which are floats, arrays, array functions, booleans and constants. We will also talk about type casting. So, without wasting time, let us start! Floating Point Numbers As we […]

#4: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Data Types

As we have already learnt about using XAMPP and other tools, PHP open and close tags, phpinfo function, printing text on screen, adding comments in PHP files and some conversation on what does the server do, it’s now time for learning the various types of data. In this post, we will talk about variables, strings […]

How To Optimize Your Website For Printers Using A Separate Stylesheet

First of all I would like to explain what I mean by Optimizing a website for Printing using following screenshot. Optimizing a website for printing means removing the extra stuff like logos, forms, navigation links, advertising, blog rolls, flash widgets, etc from the website while printing and give a clean preview of your website. We […]

#3: PHP Tutorials For Beginners – Writing The Code

Welcome Back! Today we will start with the basics on – “Writing the Code”. We will talk about how the PHP code is written, simple basic code like echoing Hello World, adding comments in the PHP file etc. We will also talk about the official site of PHP and how it can help you discover […]

#2: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Recommended Programs

These are recommended programs, and are not necessary. But in the tutorials, only these softwares will be used, so I request you to download & install these. As I use Windows Vista, I will be giving the tutorial to install the programs for Windows. Links to download & documentation of same programs for other OS also given in this post.

#1: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Introduction

This is post post in new series started by PHP Tutorials for Beginners by Gautam. This post provides general introduction to PHP and some historical facts about it! As PHP if language top-blogging platform Wordpress uses, it is good to have little understanding of PHP. This will help you for sure in your blogging carrier even if programming is not your prime occupation.

We are hiring – WordPress Developers

Our parent company rtCamp is looking for expert WordPress developers. Main role will be to create WordPress themes. Ability to code wordpress plugins will be added bonus. This opening is strictly for our Pune, India office and this is full-time office job. Of course, you can work from home once you get used to with […]

The truth about Virtual or Swap Memory

A lot has been said about how virtual memory increases system performance. After RAM, people often suggest the second best way to get a speed boost is to increase the size of pagefile.sys. Its time for debunking some myths about virtual memory. Here are a few false beliefs about virtual memory More is better. Setting […]