WordCamp, Mozilla Camp, Yahoo’s Open Hack Day and Other Tech Events

This month is full of tech-events organized all over the places in India and abroad. Below is brief list of events. If we are missing something cool happening around in your city, please let us know via comments. WordCamp WordCamp is unconference centered around WordPress community. Among all camps, WordCamp is most frequent and organized […]

Ever wondered about “autorun.inf” file in CDs/Pen Drives!

While opening some optical drives (CDs) or pen drives you might have noticed that they contain autorun.inf file in it. Some people assume that it is some Virus/Malware which might infect their computer. But actually autorun.inf is just a script for invoking any event when some CD or Pen Drive is Inserted in PC. This […]

5 WordPress MySQL Queries For Year Ending Summary Posts & Cleanup

Below I am posting some MySql queries for power WordPress bloggers. This queries will come handy if you are planning to write annual summary and analysis posts like most bloggers do at the end of year. All queries are direct SQL and assumes standard table prefix ‘wp_’ for tables. If you are using different table […]

Best Way to Prevent Directory Listing Using .htaccess

Directory listing allows a person to see list of files and folders of a targeted directory on your website. This is something not serious itself but may help someone to launch attack on your site. So it is good practice to turn-off or prevent directory listing by default and then, if needed, allow directory listing […]

Browsershots – Online Web Design Testing in Different Browsers

This article is for web designers here. I recommend this articles to all bloggers as well. Many bloggers go for free third-party themes which may not follow standards all the time, so you can check if theme you are using is working fine in all major browsers. Reason for highlighting major in above line is, […]

New Theme for Devils Workshop!

Update: We offer professional WordPress Theme designing service now! Check it out! 🙂 If you have visited Devils Workshop from your web browser in last 18 hours, you may have noticed new theme by now. As expected, I received mix response for theme. But before analyzing them, I would like to highlight some points which […]

Creating Custom Search Page in WordPress Blog

In wordpress, there are two types of webpages – “posts” and “pages”. While “posts” are generated dynamically, “pages” are statics and created explicitly. You can create as many “pages” as you want and put them anywhere in your blog’s structure. Few pages I have here includes – about page, contact page, joining DW page, etc. […]

Using Firebug Console to log from GreaseMonkey Scripts

This is for all Greasemonkey developers who also use Firebug. Firebug is one of the best Firefox extension for developers. To start with, almost every Greasemonkey developer uses built-in API method “GM_log()” to log debugging messages to Firefox’s javascript console. While normal javascript developers use Firebug’s API method “console.log()” to log debugging messages to Firebug […]

PHPCamp Pune – Lets Geek Up!

Those who are familiar with BarCamp can immediately guess that PHPCamp is unconference for PHP. For rest, PHPCamp is event for all PHP programmers where you can show off your expertise in any area related to PHP. If you are new to PHP you can just attend this event to learn some great things about […]