Buy Domains and Hosting From Us Using Netbanking in India

Over the past couple of years we have been providing domain registration and hosting services to clients around the world. We launched a new portal ( for our Indian customers along with our corporate blog for (Read this to get more information). Portal for Indian customers: On multiple requests of Indian customers we have […]

ICANN Allows Top Level Domains in Any Language or Script

ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has announced that it will allow generic Top Level Domains to be in any language or script. It also means radically increasing the number of name endings for URLs which now stand at 22 and includes .com, .org and others.

Register 80+ Top-Level Domain Names with iWantMyName

Buying a domain name can become quite tedious at times. Most common reason for this is there are hardly any good domains left in the popular .COM space. But if you have ever tried grabbing a country-code level top-domain, it’s not searching but registering which is most-tedious part. While tools like Xona domain hacks make […]