Register 80+ Top-Level Domain Names with iWantMyName

Buying a domain name can become quite tedious at times. Most common reason for this is there are hardly any good domains left in the popular .COM space.

But if you have ever tried grabbing a country-code level top-domain, it’s not searching but registering which is most-tedious part. While tools like Xona domain hacks make it easy to find cool county-top level domain names, they don’t offer direct registration service.

After a lot of searching, I finally came across a service which offers a very nice search feature and registration for more than 80 international top-level domains at one place.

iWantMyName is a nice registration service which supports all country codes used in domain extensions. It searches comprehensively with 80+ top-level domain.

The sheer number of top-level domain names we can register with iWantMyName makes it worth looking up if you are looking to register a new domain.

Link: iWantMyName


xphunt3r November 1, 2010

i Don’t think this service is worthwhile…

callezee November 2, 2010

in this site, its possible to find domain owner details?

Paul Spence November 30, 2010

Thanks so much for recommending iWantMyName. We are really trying to make domain and DNS management as easy as possible. We also have a great affiliate programme for bloggers and site owners:

Paul Spence
Co-founder iWantMyName