Save Facebook chat history [How-to]

You might have googled for ages about how to save Facebook chat history. Facebook had been continuously concentrating on privacy rather than the fb chat which is another major point of criticism from users. One thing we’ve missed from Facebook is to keep logs of chat history. But with the advent of extensions and add-ons can now help saving your facebook […]

Facebook And Greasemonkey, Use Facebook in Style

How many times have you been irritated by the useless posts and invites from various Facebook applications, you get on your wall? Have you ever wondered that you might be able to stop all these at once, and not blocking the endless queue one-by-one? If yes, then this post is definitely for you. Various applications […]

How to download Facebook photo album just with a click?

As a regular facebook user, you may have came across many occasions where you have to download the photo album of your friends, completely. But it becomes very cumbersome to download each and every photo manually.

I recently came across a great Firefox addon, which could help you to download the facebook photo albums with just a click