Save Facebook chat history [How-to]

You might have googled for ages about how to save Facebook chat history. Facebook had been continuously concentrating on privacy rather than the fb chat which is another major point of criticism from users. One thing we’ve missed from Facebook is to keep logs of chat history. But with the advent of extensions and add-ons can now help saving your facebook chat history, both in Firefox and in Chrome.

The process is quite complicated, here’s what you have to do:

In Mozilla Firefox:

  • Install the add-on
  • Go to Tools > Facebook chat history manager > Get Facebook ID
  • After authorizing the Facebook application, you can view your unique Facebook ID
  • Copy the unique ID you got
  • Go to Tools -> Facebook Chat History Manager -> Create Account
  • Sign up
  • To view your chat history go to Tools -> Facebook Chat History Manager ->View History. Here again, you must enter your account details.

In Google Chrome:

  • Install the extension
  • Go to Window -> Extensions -> [FbCHM] Options
  • After authorizing the Facebook application, you’ll get your unique Facebook ID
  • Copy it to your clipboard
  • Go to Window -> Extensions -> [FbCHM] Options -> Create Account
  • Sign up
  • To view chat history click the H icon in your address bar, enter your account details and then you can view your chat history.

Just by seeing the steps, we can say that this is not that simple. But it fills out the hole in facebook’s chat experience? What is your opinion about the Facebook Chat History Manager?

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jaganmangat August 18, 2010

thanks a lot for this help,one day it came in my mind to save one of my friend’s chat history to publish it as an image[just for fun] and now i will do this.Thanks