Preview Google Fonts on Current Webpage You are Viewing

Web designers spend a lot of time looking up different fonts on their website that can be used. Fonts are very important for two reasons. First is that a good font allows users to read content on the website without any issue. Also the font styling usually should also fit in with the general theme […]

Find Font Details With Just A Single Click [Firefox Extension-Font Finder]

Usually what I do to find font details like font family, font size, its color etc I open Firebug(F12) and start inspecting with it but becomes a bit time consuming, what if we get something that provides font details at just a single click. It can be done with the help of Mozilla extension i.e. Font Finder which provides font details in a pop up window.

How to find mystery fonts with images?

We are in the Web 2.0 era, where there is a big focus on fonts. Especially for the fonts that we use in the logo, they are smoother, bigger and much cleaner. This has definitely increased the number of fonts used now a days. In our day to day activities, we often stumble over to the websites that have awesome designs and logos, that we deperately want to know the font used in it!

Select default Text style in Gmail to enhance your Email

Gmail is one of the widely used Email application and it’s one of my favorite. Though one thing which I never liked about it its default font and text style. I personally reformat it every time to Verdana font style to make it look better. Though it’s my personal choice. I always wanted a feature […]