Google Now arrives in latest Chrome Canary, here’s how you enable it

When Google added rich notifications support for Chrome, it was obvious for everyone that soon we will be seeing Google Now cards too, in the same place.

Just yesterday, Google pushed an update to Chrome Canary with a flag letting you enable support for Google Now inside the browser.

Google Now

If you’re willing to try out the feature, download Google Chrome Canary, the bleeding edge version of Chrome.

Next, type chrome:flags in the address bar, search for ‘Enable Rich Notifications’ and change it from ‘default’ to ‘enabled’.


Next, search for ‘Google Now’, and change it from ‘default’ to ‘enabled’. Relaunch the browser.

You’ll now see a notification/bell icon in your system tray (on Windows) or menu bar (on OS X). Click on that and you’ll see set of Google Now cards.

You obviously need to sign in to your Google account in Chrome Canary, to view cards.

From what I observed, only few of Google Now cards appear on Chrome. Nevertheless, it’s a handy feature for keeping track of sports scores, events etc.┬áThe feature should soon arrive in the stable version of Google Chrome.

Would you like Google Now cards to pop up on Chrome? Drop in what you think in comments.


‘Google Now’ is available on iPhone and iPad

Until today, Google Now was only available one Android but today it goes live on iOS. If you are using Google Search app on your iPhone or iPad, you only have to update the app. The Google Now feature will be updated onto your Google Search app.

Google Now basically taps into your data from various services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google+, Google Places, your search history and more. This information is then used to serve you with useful reminders and prompts.You might need change your privacy settings to allow your iPhone or iPad to let the Google app access your location data.

Google Now iOS

This is indicative that Google Now might soon be coming to our desktops thanks to it being integrated with Chrome or even Google’s homepage. We might see more such updates from Google in the run-up to its annual Google I/O conference.

If you have an iPhone or a iPad try out Google Now on it and drop in your comments.

Link: Google Now on App Store


"Google Now" might be coming to Google’s homepage

If you are using the latest versions of Android, you are probably aware of “Google Now”. It is mainly a search feature which shows a great deal more information that is contextual. For instance on mobile phones, Google Now can alert someone to leave early for a meeting based on current traffic reports.

There are rumours about it soon showing up on Chrome but it might just show up on your Google search homepage itself.

Google System – a blog that tracks new updates on Google, tracked a change of code that will allow Google’s homepage to track relevant information like weather, traffic condition and more based on your browser’s location settings.

Google has made a Chrome extension in Russian for new tab page, which looks very similar to “Google Now” layout.

For instance here is Google Now on Nexus 10


And here is layout based on the new tab extension by Google.


It is getting increasingly clear now that Google when it decided to shutdown iGoogle – a web browser homepage like feature, it had done so to focus on Google Now as a replacement.

By running on a browser, phone and tablets, it will has the potential to make it the most important feature for Google account users in the years to come.

This might be part of the many new announcements of new features and updates by Google at its IO conference next month.