"Google Now" might be coming to Google’s homepage

Google Now the search feature that integrates data from calendars, locations, traffic data and reminders might soon be part of Google search homepage...

If you are using the latest versions of Android, you are probably aware of “Google Now”. It is mainly a search feature which shows a great deal more information that is contextual. For instance on mobile phones, Google Now can alert someone to leave early for a meeting based on current traffic reports.

There are rumours about it soon showing up on Chrome but it might just show up on your Google search homepage itself.

Google System – a blog that tracks new updates on Google, tracked a change of code that will allow Google’s homepage to track relevant information like weather, traffic condition and more based on your browser’s location settings.

Google has made a Chrome extension in Russian for new tab page, which looks very similar to “Google Now” layout.

For instance here is Google Now on Nexus 10


And here is layout based on the new tab extension by Google.


It is getting increasingly clear now that Google when it decided to shutdown iGoogle – a web browser homepage like feature, it had done so to focus on Google Now as a replacement.

By running on a browser, phone and tablets, it will has the potential to make it the most important feature for Google account users in the years to come.

This might be part of the many new announcements of new features and updates by Google at its IO conference next month.