5 Apps to Speed Up Copying in Windows

Using a pen-drive to share our photos and other media is a very common practice these days. However what frustrates me every-time I transfer the photos from my camera to my pen-drive is the speed of copying. In Windows XP, it was terrible, Seven is better but not yet up there. So here are five apps that will increase the speed of copying in your Windows system.

Top 5 Tips to Increase your BlogSpot Blog’s Trafic and Revenue

OK! Let me clarify right at the beginning, as the title quite clearly states, these tips are centered around blogs based on Google’s blogger.com and not ones based on the wordpress platform (although I’m planning one for it soon).

So what does it take to bring people to your blog and turn them into regular visitors? Of course content is king, but when it comes to blogger many background tips are equally important to increase views and your money!

Top 10 Ways To Get Huge Visitors From Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is one of the best social bookmarking sites in the world. You will be getting tons of visitors from it, if you uses it properly. From my experience it’s true. The main source of visitors to my blogs are referred by stumbleupon. But, in order to get huge visitors, you need to know – […]