Top 5 Tips to Increase your BlogSpot Blog’s Trafic and Revenue

bloggerlogo.jpgOK! Let me clarify right at the beginning, as the title quite clearly states, these tips are centered around blogs based on Google’s and not ones based on the wordpress platform (although I’m planning one for it soon).

So what does it take to bring people to your blog and turn them into regular visitors? Of course content is king, but when it comes to blogger many background tips are equally important to increase views and your money!

Many of us just create blogs, with the sole intention of only creating money. That’s the greatest mistake that you can ever do! Don’t just think about earning and go about copy-pasting articles. No one wants to read articles that are copied or have no value, blog about something that you are passionate about, things that you know a thing or two about!

OK. Enough of the blabber. Lets come straight to the hacks or tips that can increase your traffic and revenue, although not overnight, but gradually! Let me tell you that some of these tips are a little advanced.

Tip 1:  Remove Duplicate Meta Description Tags and page titles


You can easily add meta tags to you blog. However due to a silly and mostly overlooked mistake, these meta tags that are meant to increase your traffic, causes the downfall of your blog!

The error is that the meta tags that you insert are only meant for the homepage of your blog and not the post pages. But due to the code that we insert, all the post appears to have the same meta-tags. This causes Google to think that you have duplicate content all over your blog, and your blog gets marked down for spam.

How to rectify it?

Divya Sai has published a neat tutorial on how to rectify this problem. You can read it over here.


Tip 2: Submit your blog or its feed to Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites

Whats the use of submitting your blog/feed to blog directories or RSS submission sites? Well, these sites are on the internet for quite some time. So they are well recognized by Google. When you submit your blog url to such directories and google crawls them, your blog’s preference in search results increase. These in turn results in lots of organic traffic!

To get a good many number of sites to submit your blog to, visit Robin Good’s RSSTop55:Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites from here.

Tip 3: Insert an ad below your post title

You can see in this very post, that there is an ad just below the title. According to many experienced campaigners, this is one of the spaces on the blog that is most likely to be clicked on. So go on and insert one ad below the title on your blog and you can earn almost double of what you are currently earning now.


If you don’t know how to implement this tip, visit this well-documented tutorial by Mohamed Rias, click here.

Tip 4 : Contradict Others!

Well that doesn’t mean you go on saying that twitter is going to shut down in the next month! If you have a strong view about a particular topic (for eg. you think that test cricket has it, in itself to survive against T20. This is a big contradiction these days!) blog about it. People like to read posts and articles that counter others and contradict the pundits!

Let others know about your views by commenting on the article that you have contradicted against, along with the url of your article. You are bound to get many readers.

Tip 5 : Write a ‘Top 5’ article


What was the main aim of this post. To give blogger’s a list of hacks that they can implement to increase their traffic and revenue, in one place itself. If you would search the blog-sphere you would get all these tips but in various posts and blogs. Here you got all the 5 tips in 1 post, that’s what people like.

Top 5, Top 10, Top 100 lists are very attractive as well as tempting for a person. The reason being that you get many tips in one place itself. So go on and write a ‘Top n’ list on your blog.

Note: Apart from this Alok Chaudhari has given two wonderful posts on hacks that every blogger must implement. They are 5 Best Blogspot Blogger Hacks Everyone Should Use! and and Best Blogger Hacks Collection – Part 2

Hope you liked the post and do comment if you have any doubts or suggestions.

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