Mobile Number Portability in India, coming Sooner or Later?

Mobile Number Portability AKA MNP (Wiki Entry) is a feature that lets a mobile phone user to port (shift) his existing mobile number to another operator or another area. It means, getting changes either geographically or on the basis of services, retaining your existing mobile number. As now a days, mobile number are like your […]

Indian Students to get Laptops just for $10!

Indian government is planning to roll out laptops for students just for 500 rupees ($10). According to reports, the laptop’s prototype will be launched by the Indian Human resource minister, Arjun Singh at Tirupati on 3rd of February.  According to the reports published on periodicals and news papers, the technology for these low priced laptops […]

How To Trace Mobile Numbers in India

Update: How to trace any number in the world, including India! With rapid growth in mobile phone subscribers in India and low call rates, most calls we receive on our mobile are from other mobiles. At the same time, to cater increasing user-base most operators come up with new series everyday which makes remembering a cell […]