Mobile Number Portability in India, coming Sooner or Later?

mobile number Mobile Number Portability AKA MNP (Wiki Entry) is a feature that lets a mobile phone user to port (shift) his existing mobile number to another operator or another area. It means, getting changes either geographically or on the basis of services, retaining your existing mobile number. As now a days, mobile number are like your virtual identity and address, many mobile phone users keep using the services of their existing service provide, despite their poor service, just because they will have to change their existing mobile number if they shift to another service provider.

To ensure increase of competitiveness and better services to customers, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) have recently come up with regulations to implement Mobile Number Portability in India. According to reports, DoT (Department of Telecommunications) has invited bids for implementing MNP in India. As per sources, it has also been reported that Indian Telecoms will implement MNP by mid 2009 (around June 2009) if everything goes as per the schedule.

So, its just matter of time that will take Indian Telecom Companies and its competitiveness a step further in the world market. Only thing we need to notice is whether Mobile Number Portability is coming sooner or later in India?

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nesar April 20, 2010

i want to know how trace to know other mobile location

rajendera haribhau February 16, 2011

give me facility to traceout mobile phone exact loaction.