Gamers guide to avoid Facebook ban

Do you have a Facebook account? Yes. Do you play Facebook games? Yes. Do you have a seperate account for games? Yes. Caught ya! If you are playing facebook games especially Mafia Wars and have dedicated an account for it (like me) you may land up in trouble, because Facebook is disabling all those accounts that have been created for game purposes and have no real photographs and details. 🙁

Mafia Wars Comes To India [Mumbai Limited Time Mission]

If you are addicted to Facebook, i am sure Mafia Wars is something you must be aware of. A popular Social game from the stable of Zynga – The creator of Farmville and the likes. Mafia Wars is a themed on the Mafias which involves game activities like robbing properties, smuggling etc. One popular aspect […]

Zynga FarmVille toolbar review, worth installing or not?

If you are a FavmVille addict and checks your farm again and again for harvesting fully grown crops. Now you don’t need to do so cuz you can track your farm using the official toolbar of FarmVille by Zynga, the company who created FarmVille, Cafe World FishVille and Mafia Wars. Now you can track your […]

More tips to be a ‘Don’ in Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is one of the best games (real-time Games) available on the Facebook just as Farmville and all. It’s an interesting game which shows the life in a mafia, with the terrible sounds of guns and smell of blood! The aim in this game is to be a powerful Don in the mafia family. […]