Mafia Wars Comes To India [Mumbai Limited Time Mission]

If you are addicted to Facebook, i am sure Mafia Wars is something you must be aware of. A popular Social game from the stable of Zynga – The creator of Farmville and the likes.

Mafia Wars is a themed on the Mafias which involves game activities like robbing properties, smuggling etc. One popular aspect of the game is City based missions where in the activities revolved around the nature of the city. Mafia Wars has been constantly releasing new city based missions and right now New York, Cuba, Moscow and Las Vegas are the permanent city missions available in Mafia Wars.

Mafia Wars also keeps releasing limited edition city based missions. A while back, Paris Mission was released for a few days in which all the game mission activities and the rewards were related to the city of Paris.

Recently, to justify the participation of Indian user base in the Mafia Wars game, Mafia Wars has released a Limited Edition ‘Mumbai Mission’ entirely dedicated to the city of Mumbai.

Code named ‘Make a Killing At The Box Office’, the mission has a bollywood theme in almost everything. To get into the mission, you require items which in this case involves “Bollywood Reels”. However, should you be eager to play even without getting the required reels, you can either invite more members to your Mafia or use the Reward Points to enter the mission


Once you are in the mission, everything revolves around Bollywood theme right from the items needed, jobs to be completed and even the rewards ( ‘bambaiyya Rajah’, ‘Bollywood SuperHit’ etc) are named to represent the Bollywood theme. The jobs require you to have ‘Bollywood Reels’ and the job titles are aptly named ‘Steal a Bollywood Script’, ‘Re-write the film’s villian’.


All and all, its an interesting little gesture from the Mafia Wars team for its Indian users. There have been criticisms of the games that Zynga creates but one thing to be applauded is the attention to details that the team gives when it comes to rolling out new additions.

Do you play Mafia Wars on a regular basis? Do play the Mumbai Edition while it lasts and let us know how you like it.