How does YouTube make money?

I have often wondered how does You Tube make money? They must be spending a fortune everyday with the amount of bandwidth they service. I am sure they are not really a charitable organization and hence are very profitable considering its massive appeal all over the world. 2 ways You Tube makes money When using […]

Make $952 from Google AdSense in just 3 steps!

If you don’t believe me just check out the screen shot below. 😛 Shocked? Obviously you must have been. I started my blogging career an year ago and I got my first AdSense check only 3 months back.  Before that, I used to check my balance everyday and what I got was a dollar or […]

Google AdSense Video Unit Available in India

Google AdSense’s video unit appeared for the first time in Indian publishers account. I just checked my AdSense account and its there for the first time. About Earning from Video Unit… When you place a video unit on your website, you’ll earn revenue from two types of ad formats: companion ads, which sit above your […]

New Kontera Plugins for Making More Money

Kontera recently launched a bunch of plugins to help bloggers from different blogging platforms easily integrate kontera ads and thus make more money alongwith Google Adsense. Yes, Kontera is among very few well-performing ad networks which can be used alongwith Google Adsense. 🙂 The new Kontera solutions include: A One-Click widget – All you […]

UrTurn – Get Paid for Using Facebook!

UrTurn offers reward points to users based on their activities on social networks like facebook. These reward points have cash value and can be redeemed for prizes like iPhones or sold for cash on the UrTurn marketplace. Activities includes, as expected, adding UrTurn application to your facebook account, inviting friends to use it. You will […]

Wanna Earn Some Money without Spamming!

Now-a-days I am getting lots of spam with title saying some stupid way to earn money. Observing intensity of this spam I felt like going into depth to discover real opportunities! I did not find many but till then would like to share with you the ways through which I am earning money online. Of […]