Six Days in Fallujah: The Big Game-Controversy

Video games are basically for fun and entertainment, but some seem to get carried away and go a little too far. One such recent game is “Six Days in Fallujah” that ended up in controversies, and led to a massive public uproar. On April 27, 2009, Konami suspended its role as its publisher. Although the […]

“Top Gun” now on iPhone as a Game

Paramount Digital Entertainment released a new game, developed by Freeverse software, called Top Gun for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game is based on the popular movie – Top Gun and is reported to cost around USD 2 in the beginning.

The plot of the game is a based at the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, where instructors Maverick and Iceman help players compete to become the next Top Gun.

You get to play as a hotshot trainee who becomes an accomplished fighter pilot, over the course of ten missions.

Swinefighter – The Swine Flu Game

The Swinefighter Game – Honestly, I am not sure whether I should really call this “fun” especially after knowing how serious the subject is and how rampantly the Swine Flu virus has been killing hundreds of people around us. Some like me might say that Swine Flu is not a laughing matter, however, the Swine Flu video game (capitalizing on the lighter side of the influenza) seems to be an online hit already!

Some Preventive Measures you should follow to not get Hacked!

If you are a follower of the Orkut Help Group, you must be aware how, in the recent days, many Orkut accounts were being hacked and as such, help group was flooded with questions on how these types of automatic account deletion and hacking cases should be handled. To help people on tackling such hacking […]