LG’s ‘Smartphone Idea Camp’, win prizes worth Rs. 15 lakhs

LG India has launched a new campaign ‘Smartphone Idea Camp’ which is an online contest for its costumers and tech enthusiast people. In this two month long contest, consumers can suggest a unique application, feature, design or user interface ideas that they desire in their phones. The best ideas will get LG Optimus Smartphone and a prize value […]

Reason why you should and shouldn’t buy Samsung Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note is a new Phone (or a Tablet may be) by Samsung which is gaining lot of popularity in the gadget world and the main reason behind it is the design of this phone cum tablet. With 5.3″ display screen you can even do your tablet PC or netbook work on this huge phone. […]

F-Secure is a seriously nice tool to protect your phone from theft

Since the advent of Android and iPhone, there are plenty of apps in market that promises to save your mobile from theft. But there are very few companies that are providing solution for multiple platforms. F-Secure is a nice tool that can secure your mobile from theft. It supports multiple mobile platforms including Symbian, Windows […]

Is it worth buying Google’s Nexus?

There are two types of breakthroughs for a company. One is the external one which is doing something different and being the first to do it. This leads to growth. The other is an internal breakthrough which happens when your company has resources, money and size but has to look for another breakthrough. This breakthrough […]

Snap2Tell – Click a pic from your mobile phone to know your location!

Ever been out site-seeing and wished someone could tell you more about the place? What if you could just take a picture of the place or monument with your camera phone and have more information pop up right on your handset? Making this happen is a smart image recognition software – Snap2Tell, that can tell […]

Reliance offers ‘E-Lite Plan for BlackBerry’ for just Rs. 299 per month!

Reliance Mobile and Research in Motion (RIM) have introduced into the Indian market an affordable plan called the “E-Lite plan for Blackberry” for smartphone users. The plan allows Reliance to reach out to a wider market by providing affordable and high quality services to consumers, at the same time allowing consumers to stay connected through email and instant messaging on their smartphones while on the move.