Is it worth buying Google’s Nexus?

There are two types of breakthroughs for a company. One is the external one which is doing something different and being the first to do it. This leads to growth. The other is an internal breakthrough which happens when your company has resources, money and size but has to look for another breakthrough. This breakthrough is what Google will be looking for with the Nexus One. In the mean time, lets check if it will be worth buying Nexus One.


Here is a comparison of different phones out there in the market. Below is a comparison of the Motorola Android, iPhone 3GS and Nexus One.

iPhone 3GS

Motorola Droid

Nexus One

Storage Capacity 16 GB 16 GB 4 GB
Battery life 5 hours talk-time 6.4 hours talk-time 7 hours talk-time

3.0 Megapixel with Recording and Editing

5.0 Megapixel with video  recording

5.0 Megapixel with video recording

Wi Fi Yes Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes Yes
Voice Commands Yes Yes Yes
App Store iTunes App store Android Market Android Market
No of Apps 93,200 20,000 20,000
Multitasking No Yes Yes

So what do you think after the comparison?Will it be worth buying Google’s Nexus One? Let me know through your comments.

Link: Mashable


John January 6, 2010

That’s one reason why I hate side by side comparisions. Yes they all have voice commands, but only Nexus One allows you to use your voice in ANY field that has text. In short you can text message with your voice. I know that sounds kind of pointless “why not just call?”. But that’s a game changer!

Hariharan January 7, 2010

Nobody wrote about the price here, in india, we all look at the price tag before anything is bought.

Aditya Kane January 8, 2010

@John: I know what you mean, but as you said in the regarding Nexus One allowing use of voice in any field that has text. You call it the game changer but in your own words it sounds pointless. My point is if you had a iPhone or Droid, you would bother with Nexus? I think not at the moment.
@Hariharan: I did not use the price considering Google Nexus is not available in India. Just giving a exchange rate figure would not be prudent.

John January 8, 2010

@Kane If you have an iPhone or a Droid are you going to drop almost $600 or run to T-Mobile for a Nexus probably not. But if I had T-Mobile I’d have this phone in a heartbeat and poo on anyone waiving around a Droid or iPhone (until I lost my signal of course).

Gautam January 8, 2010

It should be also noted that Nexus One’s storage can be extended to 32GB.

Mangat January 14, 2010

I gues not at moment. NExus is priced at $529 in US. which is i guess pretty costly at moment. i cant pay that heavy price just for a voice command. My views…

Amy @ Free Nexus One January 24, 2010

Although side by side I must admit it seems as though Apple stomp Google, there are new features on the Nexus One that people (including Google) seem to have not placed enough emphasis on. As a medical student it’s soooo difficult for me to write up my notes and being able to talk through them and have a semi decent dictation of it would be worth thousands to me!

I know I’m not the only one. The NHS spends goodness knows how much employing typists and all the dication technology that every single Doctor must have, and if the software actually works, it could saves millions or perhaps even billions of pounds!

I know I’m only looking at it from one side of the coin, and it mostly depends on IF IT WORKS – but it could revolutionise so many sectors through this one bit of software. Goodness knows what potential it actually had if I could get my hands on one in the UK.

Aditya Kane January 25, 2010

@Amy: That is a interesting new point of view that you have introduced about Google Nexus.. Will research a bit on it, who knows maybe worth a post. 😉

jakhoo January 27, 2010

N1 for sure. Storage? Read gautam’s comments above! iPhone is over priced. Fancy & good for entertainment and such celebrities. N1 will keep growing in technology as it goes along. Google gathers every bit that help improve their performance. This helps working people…for they run the world’s economy!!

engineer March 22, 2010

after looking its features i think it is worth buying . .